BEDA #21 – Let people have opinions.

April 21, 2009

Hello dear world, it’s Tuesday.

*guy gets hit in the head with a golfball and is lying in the bunker*
“Maybe we should get some ice to but on that bump”
“Ice? no, I was thinking more… Champagne? Eight o’clock?”

Oh boy, he used the old heaven line as well.

I love terrible pick-up lines. They always make me laugh. I mean, what is not hilarious with a guy coming up to a girl in a bar saying, “What would you like for breakfast?” It’s crazy. Who falls for that? Who actually goes home with that guy?

Do you actually like it when a guy comes up to you and say, “Did it hurt? When you fell from the sky? For, with a face like that, you must be an angel.”

That most be one of the oldest lines in the book, and most guys probably have memorized.

Now, I am of course not saying all guys are like that. I bet not even the majority of them are. The nerd guys around here are probably awesome.

And that wasn’t even what I was planning on talking about. The movie just disturbed me.

What I wanted to talk about was Miss California, who answered a question in the Miss USA pageant. As nerds we often pride ourselves with having good values. We accept people for who they are, and don’t judge them. At least most of us don’t. Most of us are very open to same-sex marriage, and feels that people should be able to fall in love with no matter who they want, no matter if they’re male or female. It’s love that matters, not the sex of the person you love.

So, in the pageant Miss California, Carrie Prejean I believe her name was, answered a question asked by judge Perez Hilton. He asked her if he believed that the rest of the states should follow Vermont (the fourth state that legalized same-sex marriage), why or why not.

At first she said that she thinks it is great that americans can choose between one and the other. THEN she said that she was raised with the belief that marriage should be between a man and a woman.

A lot of people were offended by what she said. Perez shook his head before they changed the camera, looking incredibly offended. But not all disliked what she said.

After reading comments on the videos that are up on Youtube, one is really amazed over the amount of idiots there are in this world. And not just from one side, no, many people on both sides wrote crazy things.

I feel that she is just a person who stated her opinion. Like she said, she was raised that way. You, like me, might have been raised with the belief that people have the right to love anyone they want. I don’t care if you sleep with, marry, mow the lawn or bake cookies with someone of the same sex. It’s your choice!
But just a few decades ago, this wasn’t okay.

It is an opinion. Just like you have the right to yours, she has the right to hers.

Just because you feel that yours is right, doesn’t mean you have the right to condemn someone who doesn’t agree with you. Like I said before, I LIKE same-sex marriage. People should have the right to marry whoever they want. JUST, as people have the right to their opinion.

Don’t hate her because she was raised differently. Are you also one of those who hate religion because it exists?

Just let people be who they are. It’s not as if the woman is leading the village train of angry farmers equipped with torches. She was JUST raised differently.

I love gay people. They’re awesome. I don’t think they shouldn’t be regarded as everybody else, because they should be able to get married just as everybody else. It’s a right everybody should have. Marriage should be for everybody, not just for those who decide the want to spend their lives with a person of a different sex.

Marriage is a promise, not a “man chooses woman” situation. It simply means that you have promised to love somebody, and that you are stating it to the world. You say “I love this person, and I want all of you to know that”. Why  don’t homosexuals have that same right?
If you are christian and gay, you want to get married in a church, by a priest.

And why did they come up with the idea of “partnership”? Why not just let them get married? It doesn’t hurt you or anyone else? It doesn’t serve any purpose when you deny them that right.
I don’t understand.

It truly doesn’t make sense.

But humans have simply not gotten as far as we would like to pride ourselves with.

For example, women. In Sweden women didn’t have the right to vote, until 1921. (We had an “age of liberty” during the 18th century when women were allowed to vote, but I don’t think it was “for real”. If you understand….)
Women have always been regarded as lower creatures. Not as good as men. When women weren’t regarded as that anymore, people needed other goats to blame. The gays became the goats.

If that makes ANY sense. At all.

And now I have screamed for too long. I hope this post doesn’t offend anyone, that was really not my meaning in any way.



BEDA #13 – Finally here!

April 19, 2009

(this post is from the 13th, but as I said before, I wrote it by hand before and now it’s HERE. So.. Enjoy)

Hi people, it’s Monday. I am writing to you from a car driving along lonely country road. We just left me cousins, and so far everything I can see is trees, trees, some bushes and then some more trees. Oh look, a bunny.

Animals is something you always see when driving these roads. It’s usually just bunnies, but you often see deers and foxes. Of course you can’t get down there without your share of cows and horses living by the side of the road.

The last time we drove here, it was pitch-dark. You could barely see the road in front of you, and together with the winter-fog we were creeping along the small road. The lights were on full and of course one can’t help but to look out the window for mysterious creatures. Småland is after all magical to me, with all it’s stories of trolls and other creatures living in the woods. You expect something, anything really, because it is needed. When magic is in the air, you won’t get surprised if anything shows up.

Unfortunately for me, we didn’t see anything but a moose. But the yellow eyes glowing between the trees were still something.

I love road-trips. This might not be classified as a road-trip, but still. It’s a trip on a road. I love just sitting in a car for hours and seeing everything outside of the glass windows. Sure, it might be fields and cows for the biggest part of the trip, but I still find it wonderful.
Like now, it’s around ten in the morning. To me, this might seem too early because as usual my cousin and I sat up and played with our computers.

Even though I am sitting in a daze of sleeeepy writing this (and juggling a sleeping dog in my lap) people are out on their fields plowing. They take care of their land.
Sometimes when I was a kid I used to make up stories about the people I saw outside the windows. I always make up stores about everything, but those were special. It was as if the people I saw along those roads were my own, as if they didn’t exist outside of my mind.

Now I better start talking to my mom, she is asking something. I’ll let you know what the first school day was like tomorrow. If I can go. I’m starting to feel a little light-headed, and itchy, something I always feel before the cold taes me under.

Love you guys.
Happy BEDA.

BEDA 18 – Observations from afar.

April 19, 2009

As you have noticed, I haven’t blogged for a while now. The problem is that I wrote my posts by hand. Yes, very foolish indeed, but I have been sick, and typing was simply too much for me.
Though I did promise to have them up by today, that might not happen.

Lazy teenagers.

But enough excuses. It’s time to blog.

What I find odd with where I live, is that people get drunk around six. And I mean drunk. Not giggles and some laughs, but slurry words, falling down and in some cases, throwing everything up.
Now, this is reserved to the old(er) people as one might think. Actually, the only ones I have seen throw up, are around my age.
Which I find pretty sad.

Around here, the young ones gets drunk several times a week. And that makes me sound as if I am on the verge of the cliff, but no, I am not. I simply feel older than the ones who drink their lives away. I find that a foolish excuse for having fun.

I’m not a party girl, that no one can accuse me of. Sure, there have been times when I might have wished to go to the parties everybody was telling me about. To have been one of those who had such “incredible fun”. But I have realized that that level of fun, the one they bragged about, it can be found without the help of alcohol. Without even the mentioning of alcohol really.

We have fun on nothing but candy and coca cola. And maybe we have help from some scary movies.

But the truth is, that one can get ahold of alcohol much too easy where I live. And pretty much everbody take advantage of that.

That is all I had to say today. It’s too late for  me to be up, which it usually is these days. Tomorrow will be dedicated t studying, but I might have time for you guys.

Happy BEDA

BEDA #12 – Missed me?

April 12, 2009

Hello dear internet readers. I am back.

If you’ve followed me, then you know that by now I have failed both VEDA and BEDA. Tough luck, Sarah.

I usually don’t sign up for things, and then just drop them before I’ve even reached the middle, but this time I didn’t feel like continuing. My blog-post were boring and useless. Normally I just blog when I have something to talk about, when something bothers me enough to make a post out of it. BEDA was HARD to do.

But now I am back. And I shall try to keep up with this month. My plan is if I feel like I have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to talk about, then I shall simply write a review about something, for that I love to do. But sitting here in the sun in Småland toMe in the sun. ps everything, I think.

This pretty hat I am wearing, looks like something I might have inherited from Crocodile Dundee, but since I have no idea where it came from, I can only say that it was the hat the UNCLE just placed upon me head. The AUNT and MOM said something about me looking like and Inka indian, and I didn’t even comment on it. An Inka Indian? Really? Where did you get that.

Ah, now I can see my cousin rowing in from his fishing trip. I just wish you could see this place, it’s truly amazing here. Well, maybe I have some emotional bond to the place, since part of my childhood was spent here, but it’s just  short of heaven. With the green grass, the dog snoring a few yards from me and the blue, blue lake sparkling just hundred meters away, I wish I would never have to leave.

Unfortunately the car leaves tomorrow, and since school starts the day after that, there is little I can do.

Oh, the sound of a tiny four-wheeler. That is also something I will always connect to this place. A cross is also parked somewhere here. Or well, a few of them. I will never be less amazed by my fourteen-year old cousins motor skills. He is also a computer nerd, which I will always envy. I may love computers, and spend a lot of my wake time on then, but of people start asking me how they work I will have to step back.

That is simply not my forte. Ask me about books instead. That I’ll probably be able to answer.

The sound of a working engine can be heard now. Have I ever told you guys what engines does to me? I simply cannot resist the sound of one.  I adore them. Of course I know nothing about engines, but I love them deeply. If a beautiful car comes driving down the lane, I might just be looking for it even when I know it’s gone.

It’s sad, I know.

But still, it’s me, and one should always love oneself a little, right? Just a little.

And now I am out of ideas of what to write about. A comment on the MJ ning, said that I could always write about zombies or baby penguins. And THAT actually brings me to TWO subject.

Subject #1 – Movie night with the girls.

Last, what could it have been? Tuesday I think. Last Tuesday, Saras, Amanda and I had yet another of our famous evening. Nothing interesting really happens, we merely sit in a pile and watch scary movies, mixed with one really, really, corny one so Saras can sleep.

So, last Tuesday we began with the Da Vinci Code. All I can say is that the movie is truly slow. I usually like wathcing most movies, there is few movies I actually feel like the world has stopped to, but the Da Vinci Code is one.
I love the book, I really do, but the movie was poorly done. Tom Hanks was not the best choice for the lead. I love him as well, but he didn’t really fit the part. There was some tlk of Pierce Brosnan in my living-room, but I am not so sure about him either.

After that (coming to the almost-zombies) we saw “28 days later”. I had actually not seen it before, though I had talked about seeing it for long time. It was a lot better than I thought it would be. Maybe not one of the best movies I have ever seen, but not bad at all. It had an interesting topic, a well executed story and some killer monkeys.

All movies should really have killer monkeys, it makes everything better. I think even the Da Vinci Code could have been improved if Jean Reno had chased after him with some monkeys on a leash. Don’t you?

Of course after this, Saras was in a little fit of SCAREDNESS (not that the movie was THAT scary, or scary at all) so we watched Bring It On. The one with Hayden Pettinere as a spoiled little white girl.
Her krumping made me laugh so hard I fell down from the sofa. Might not be the intention she had.

But let’s leave cheerleading, honestly, I don’t feel like talking about it.

Topic #1.5 – I just added this one.

COUSIN just hopped on the four-wheeler and went down to the lake to have a swim.

Might I mention that the sun has only been shining for a few days, and the air temperature didn’t rise above 5c, until a week ago. COUSIN is insane.

Topic #1.75 – COUSIN #2 just sat down next to me with another computer.

That was all.

Topic #2 – Yesterday

Yesterday was Easter Eve as we say here in Sweden, and that is the day we celebrate. Not that we’re overly Christian, (or like me, Religious at all) but it’s still a holiday I feel should be celebrated, though maybe not with thoughts of Jesus as it was intended.

No, to me it’s simply a family holiday, and I couldn’t imagine having Easter with my family. Though we haven’t dyed any eggs this year, apparently we’re all too old, it’s still cosy and wonderful.

So, yesterday we went to see a pair of friends (yes I do actually remember these ones) and we had a picnic. Or a barbecue, I suppose it was. We boiled some hot-dogs over an open fire, and then, this is the fun part, we had a shoot-off.

It was all planned, though they told us that the reason they brought the rifle was because of a bear that walked the forests. This has actually happened before, so as the city-girl that I am,  I was afraid for a few minutes, Then I forgot about it. I might be a city-girl, but I am also fickle-minded.

After too many sausages to acknowledge, it was time to hit the tiny bottles.

I have shot before, and I know the thrill of holding a gun. Honestly, it’s too much fun. If I didn’t find the image of shooting little or huge animals revolting, I would want a hunting license. Lucky for me, and maybe for people venturing in forests, I cannot hurt animals. Unless they are bugs.

I hate bugs.

But anywho, after a few test shots, we were paired up in teams, The Old Macho Men in one, (two of the three have hunting licenses), The Moms and youngest children in one, and the rest of us, Me, COUSIN and his friend THE MOA in one.

Now, one might see what the outcome of this would be. The macho men who hunt on a regular basis, will OF COURSE win. What else could happen?

We women and children, what do WE know of guns and ammo? How could we hit those tiny, tiny, bottles from such a long distance?

That was what we thought. But no.

the Macho Men, they didn’t won. Instead we did. We. CHILDREN.

We won over they guys who actually should be really good. But they weren’t. The GLEE was wonderful.

But then we children lost the candy-tasting competition. What does that tell you of the world? We can shoot, but we don’t know candy. Where is the world going?

And all this is actually leading up to Baby Penguins if you thought that I had lost my train of thought. I never forget the baby penguins.

So… In the end we started playing Nintendo Wii. Mario cart is one of the games I love the most (right after Zelda) and I haven’t played it for ages.
Now, how does the baby penguins get into all of this.

We played the snow track. That is all. I hit them plenty of times.

Now i have to get going, we’re going to GRANDMA in twenty minutes, and I need to get dressed and wash my hair. STRESS. STRESS. STRESS. ¨

Happy BEDA

BEDA #7 – Friends, friends, friends.

April 8, 2009

Dear BEDA readers, it’s Tuesday.

For those who know me, this means it’s my day for the DFTBA Book Club. By now I should have recorded a video, edited it and uploaded it to our channel.
However, that is not the case today.

Today I woke up and tried to get out of bed. After failing at that for an hour or so, I cleaned my house. No really, I did. Honestly. You can finally see the floor of my room again, and although my desk is still inhabited by useless things (something I think it’ll always be) it’s clean and somewhat non-messy.

The only problem I don’t know how to solve, is the state of my bookcases. If you’d seen them, you would understand that they NEED a spring cleaning. Or at least something. Right now they’re just a place where I put all my left-over stuff. And of course my million books.

The rest of my apartment is pretty darn nice as well.

I feel my BEDA is failing. I usually write better things than what I have written so far. I guess it’ll be better when I have more time.

Bye people, time to watch “28 days later.”


BEDA #6 – What to say?

April 6, 2009

I have been sitting here for over an hour, and yet the box where I am to write my post into stayed blank. What to write?

When asking my friends what to write about, one of them told me to pick the first five things that popped into my head. The other friend told HER first five things, and they were about Twilight, STD’s and a certain person I cannot name because of … Well, if said person finds out, I can never go back.

And I didn’t feel like writing about any of those things. Maybe just you know, Twilight fans scare me, and please children protect yourself, and….  I have to do some homework.

So with these few, few words, I bid  you goodnight.

My dog is doing cute cartwheels. Or you could call it cartwheels. Anyway, she is adorable.

BEDA #5 – Speaking my mind

April 5, 2009

I don’t know how many of you who know this, but here in Sweden the new IPRED law just came in order. I am not really sure what the law itself means, for I haven’t looked into it that much. I do know that it “allows copyright holders to obtain a court order forcing ISPs to provide the IP addresses identifying which computers have been sharing copyrighted material.”*

I am not entirely sure if this is the way to go, the best way to make people stop downloading.

But how many people are downloading today? How many people doesn’t think of the consequences when they press “download” on whatever program they have? How many people don’t actually realize they are breaking laws when they do this?

Did you know that 33% percent of the Swedish internet traffic fell the day the IPRED law was adopted here in Sweden. 33%. That is a third. Could really a third of the internet users in Sweden be downloading? Why is that so?

I understand it’s easy. I mean, it hardly seems like a crime when all you have to do is search for what you want, and then you get it. I understand. I can’t claim I have never downloaded anything. I wish I could, but there is really no reason to lie. But I stopped. I stopped when I started feeling uneasy about pressing that button. When I realized people’s jobs were at stake when I pressed that button. When I realized I was breaking the law, by pressing that shiny button.

Really people, don’t you see that people will stop making movies when you download this much.

My friend’s argument for not caring about the end of this industry said, “but then we have so many movies to watch anyway, so it won’t matter if they don’t make new ones. We’ll just watch the old ones”

Honestly. Please. Don’t do this. Don’t ruin the industries that we love so much.

Me, I am a reader. I read all I can get my hands of, and even though there are millions of great books our there I haven’t read, would it be horrible if no new ones were made.

EVERYBODY in the so called “civilized” world, listens to music, whether it’s on the radio, on MTV or on CD, we here music every day. What if people stop recording new songs, because there is simply no profit in it? What if you have to listen to the same bloody songs over, and over, and over and over again. I bet even your favorite songs becomes annoying after you’ve heard them a few thousand times.

What about movies, then? I think most of you have a favourite actor or actress. What if they decided to not make movies again? What if they decide to go into other avenues because they make less money than a traveling shoe-sales man? We might never again get those master-pieces, because there is simply no budget.

You download a movie and you told to your friend, and tells him about this GREAT movie you saw. The friend asks you, “Oh can I see it?” and the chain has begun. Before you know it, that innocent press of a button has ruined an industry.

Think about that the next time you finger on the keys, ready to search for your faouvrite song. Think about that when you search for that movie you saw a poster of. Think about that when the book you heard about is about to be loaded on your computer.

When you feel that movies and CD’s and book are just too expensive today, remember that every single person in this earth who is downloading has caused those high prices.

Honestly, when you think about it, is it odd that movies start lacking in quality when they no longer have money to do them!?

And now, I am getting angry.

Just remember. Just think about. Just be legal, for god’s sake.

Don’t press that shiny button.


* Quote from HERE